December 11, 2020 - Comfort and Joy - ONLINE
Host: Margaret Murphy

Sandy Cole - The Flying Canoe
Ian Gartshore- Mama Bear
Pat Forrest - Tales From the Path: A Waiting Game
Lee Porteous - Investment in Christmas
Susan Warner - Miser's Gold


September 11, 2020 - Anything Goes- Zoom
Host: Pat Forrest

Marva Blackmore - Life Doesn't Just Happen
Barbara Bothom - Rooted
Lee Kalnin - The  Tale of a Journeying Stream
Rachel Muller - The Thin Country
Margaret Murphy- The Hummingbird of Peace

Lee Porteous - Tattercoat


June 12, 2020 - The Last Laugh - ONLINE
Host: Lee Porteous

Chris Aronson - A Further Adventure of E.T. and Daisy
Marva Blackmore - The Old Country Shopkeeper
Sandy Cole -  Why the Armadillos Are Funny
Lee Porteous - Oink
Susan Warner - Danger! Explosive!


May 8, 2020 - Tellers' Favourites - ONLINE
Host: Rachel Muller

Christine Clarke-Johnsen - Pet-Free Paradise
Cindy Shantz - Raging Rapids
Rachel Muller - The House of the Cats
Lee Porteous - The Stolen Child and Tam Lin
Margaret Murphy- Crossing Bok Chitto by Tim Tingle


April 10 , 2020 - Stories of Hope - ONLINE

Host: Pat Forrest

Pat Forrest - Choosing to Follow
Ian Gartshore - Daughter of Hope
Deborah Graham - Hope
Lee Porteous - The Hundred Dollar Bill
Laurie Hutchinson- True Story of Hope


March 13, 2020 - Mishaps and MisadventuresCANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19


February 14, 2020 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Host: Pat Forrest

Barbara Bothom - For the Love of Winter Words
Lee Kalnin - Locomotive Love
Rachel Muller - Flora and the Wind
Laurie Hutchinson - Now That Is Love
Jenny Vester - Pop Goes the Question
Carolyn Wilkinson - Love and 50 Acres


January 10, 2020 - Anything's Possible
Host: Lee Porteous

Christine Clarke-Johnsen - The Cat's in the Bag
Jefferson Halliday - So, Yeah. That Happened
Christopher James - The Prince and the Magician
Deborah Goodman - The Meeting Place
Judy Millar - Wasn't That a Party
Margaret Murphy- Anything's Possible: The Story of Adelaide Hunter Hoodless


December 13 - 'Tis the Season
Host: Deborah Goodman

Ian Gartshore - A Refugee Christmas
Pat Forrest - Last Christmas in Calgary
Christel Martin - The Xmas Gift
Lee Porteous - Montreal Aunts
Barbara Smith- Twas the Night Before Christmas
Rachel Muller - POW Violin


November 8, 2019 - Every Day Heroes
Host: Cindy Shantz

Marsha Flad - Thor and Loki in Utgard
Deborah Goodman- The Bubbling Well
Christopher James - The Simple Faith of Pablo Vargas
Noel Lewis-Watts - The Iron Chink
Margaret Murphy - Tribute to Duncan Shields
Carolyn Wilkinson - Not All My Heroes are Cowboys


October 11, 2019 - Family Ties
Host: Ann Ronald

Christine Clarke-Johnsen - Baby-San On Board!
Pat Forrest - Home
Laurie Giffin - The Shell
Deborah Goodman - Qi: The Breath of Life
Judy Millar - You Got Me What?!
Lee Porteous - Gudbrand of the Hillside


September 13, 2019 - Just My Luck
Host: Lee Porteous

Marva Blackmore - Dutch Toilet
Pat Forrest - Christmas Eve in Belize 
Mary Gavan - The Luck of the Irish
Christel Martin - Nikki Meets the Chicks
Rachel Muller - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Allan Webner - Just My Luck


June 14, 2019 - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Host: Lee Porteous

Marva Blackmore - The Schnapps Idea
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - The Auction
Ian Gartshore -  The Perfect Wedding
Rachel Muller -  Incident at Elk Lake
Cindy Shantz - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Jeanene Williams - Know When to Let it Go


May 10, 2019 - How Extraordinary!
Host: Lee Porteous

Barbara Bothom- The Tinkers' Horses
Deborah Goodman - Yin and Yang
Christel Martin -  The Friendship Orchard
Lois Peterson -  The Woman Who Called Down Owls
Lee Porteous - Dr. Snow and the Ghost Map
John Young - Lucky or What?!


April 12, 2019 - It Happened One Spring
Host: Deborah Goodman

Christine Clarke-Johnsen - A Sackful of Stories
Pat Forrest - It Happened One Spring
Mary Gavan -  In Perilous Times
Deborah Graham - The Fisherman's Son
Fred Bailey - A Sailor in the Desert


March 8, 2019 - A Twist in the Road
Host: Lee Porteous

Marsha Flad - The Devil's Three Hairs
Maurice Gallant - No Country for Old Men with Sensitive Stomachs
Lee Porteous -  A Tale of the Oki Islands
Laurie Giffin -  The Man on the Moon
Jennifer Ferris - Break and Enter
Rachel Muller - The Magical Fiddle


February 8, 2019 - Love Lost and Found
Host: Margaret Murphy

Noel Lewis-Watts - Ice Sailing
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - Love Lost and Found
Pat Forrest - Fair Exchange
Rachel Muller - The Reluctant Bride
Jan and Sig Reuter - Songs


January 11, 2019 - Breaking the Rules
Host: Lee Porteous

Fred Bailey - It's Funny Now
Jennifer Ferris - Hans and Greta
Deborah Goodman -  Uncharted Waters
Margaret Murphy - The Bone Talker
Lee Porteous - Abu Jmeel's Daughter


December 14, 2018 - Miracles and Mysteries
Host: Lee Porteous

Christine Clarke-Johnsen - Doctola
Deborah Goodman - Paper Work
Anna Marie Trester - From V to Double-V
Rachel Muller - Safe Return Doubtful
Lee Porteous -
Alli Bean - Songs


November 9, 2018 - Home
Host: Ann Ronald

Cindy Shantz - On the Road Again
Judy Millar - You Are My Sunshine
Ian Gartshore - Coming Home Again for the First Time
Lois Peterson - In Slippers and a Blue Housecoat
Lee Porteous - The Island
Marty Howe and the Atkinson Brothers - Songs


October 12, 2018 - Water Tales
Host: Deborah Goodman

Laurie Giffin - Fishing
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - Jean Britisse, the Champion
Margaret Murphy - The Princess Sophia Remembered
Howe Sound (Jill King, Jake Galbraith, Bryon Thompson - Kagan
Marva Blackmore - The Ghost Ship
Sandy Cole - The Well


September 14, 2018 - Long Ago & Far Away
Host: Lee Porteous

Maurice Gallant - The Crystal Heart
Pat Forrest - Gawain and the Lady Ragnall
Lee Porteous - The Coming of the Unicorn
Rachel Muller - The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow
Cyndi Doell - Songs


June 8, 2018 - It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Host: Ann Ronald

Chris Aronson - The Caeserian Adoption
Ian Gartshore - A Mountain Walk
Deborah Goodman - Miss Pronunciation
Jeff Halliday - A Blind Man and a Dog in the Woods on an Island in the Night
Noel Lewis-Watts - A Different Kind of Train Travel
John Young - Like Night and Day


May 11, 2018 - Wise and Wily Women
Host: Cindy Shantz

Christine Clarke-Johnsen - The Shaman
Laurie Hutchinson - Granny
Judy Millar - Wanna Get Lucky?
Angelique Nash-Thurmeier- Woman's Hand
Lois Peterson - Why the Tides Ebb and Flow
Barbara Smith - Poem


April 13, 2018 - Truth or Lie
Host:  Laurie Hutchinson

Christine Clarke-Johnsen - A Fair Price for a Story
Pat Forrest - The Field of Boliauns
Laurie Giffin - Stingers Out
Deborah Goodman- Ghost Signs
Jill King and Jake Galbraith - George 'n' Lizzie
Huckleberry Holler - Music

March 9, 2018 - Into the Woods
Host:  Lee Porteous
Rachel Muller- Into the Woods
Lee Porteous - (Title Coming)
Pat Forrest - Strength
Margaret Murphy - The Skyblue Story Box
Barbara Smith - Sasquatch

Tony Turner - Music

February 9, 2018 - Out of Africa
Host:  Rachel Muller
Lee Porteous- Found on the Doorstep
Ian Gartshore - They Are Singing Your Song
Mbira Spirit - Music
Mary Gavan- The Traveller
Marva Blackmore- In Africa, Only Animals Sleep at Night

January 12, 2018 - Stories on the Doorstep
Host:  Lee Porteous
June Jefferies - Almost on the Doorstep
Gerry Guiden - African Story
Denis Lakusta - Music
Cindy Shantz- Ina
Seana Kozar - Ellen Bird

December 8, 2017 - Feeding the Fires: Stories that Warm Us
Host:  Lee Porteous
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - The Talking Cat
Gerry Guiden - Mary Had a Little Baby
Catherine Sheehan - Old Befana
Rachel Muller - The Traveller's Gift
Ted Girard - Saint Sammy
Musician: Penny Sidor

November 10, 2017 - Only in Canada
Host:  Rachel Muller
Lee Porteous - Whale's Milk
Mary Gavan - Murder: A Hard Act to Follow
Laurie Hutchinson- Just One of Those Days
Marva Blackmore - Identity Theft, Klondike Style
Musicians: Jan and Sig Reuter

October 13, 2017 - Tales From Afar
Host:  Lee Porteous
Dale Bent - Jakow Trachtenburg
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - Don't Go to Heaven Without an Invitation
Jill King- A Newfoundland Love Story 
Laurie Hutchinson - Hot Ride
Sandy Cole - The Blue Faience Hippopotamus

September 8, 2017 - Grace & Gusto
Host:  Ann Ronald
Deborah Goodman - The Blue Songbird
Cindy Shantz - The Gift
Rachel Muller - The Wedding Guests
Margaret Murphy- Crossing Bok Chitto
Musician:  Quinn Dusenbury
June 9, 2017 - Leave 'Em Laughing
Host:  Ann Ronald
Sandy Cole - Bedtime Prayers
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - The Secret of Youth
Barbara Smith - Siblings
Chris Aronson - Street Eats
Lee Porteous - Tormad Crupach
Judy Millar- Multitasking After Sixty
Musicians:  Jan and Sig Reuter
May 12, 2017 - Thinking Differently
Host:  Lee Porteous
Marva Blackmore - Drawing The Dragon
Jennifer Ferris - Many Moons by James Thurber
Ian Gartshore- A Very Special Love
Mary Gavan -  Think Differently? Sod Him!
Lee Porteous - Coyote Goes to the Land of the Dead
Elaine Spira - A Vulnerable Age
April 14, 2017 - Gifts
Host:  Lee Porteous
David Fraser - These Are the Gifts that Saved Me
June Jefferies - A Story Within a Story: Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant
Rachel Muller - He Was the Ears, She Was the Eyes
Barbara Smith -  The Gift
Cindy Shantz - Good Girls Don't
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - The Surgeon's Two Gifts
Musicians:  Quinn Dusenbury and David Svenstrup
March 10, 2017 : Transformation
Host:  Sharon Goldston
Roxane Strasbourg - 'Rix' - The Dog Who Would Be King
Deborah Goodman -  The Mountain that Loved a Bird
February 10, 2017:  Narrow Escapes
Hoste: Lee Porteous
Lee Porteous - Coyote Steals a Blanket
Mary Gavan - The Old Lady
Marva Blackmore - Owen's Narrow Escape
Barbara Smith - Eddie's Amazing Close Calls
Anneke Bain -  David's Escape
Musician:  Tim Harrison
January 13, 2017: 10th Anniversary Celebration! Looking Back
Host:  Margaret Murphy
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - Information Please
Audrey Lomax - Mary Queen of Scots
Janet Sexsmith - Poems
Miyo Stevens - The Northern Gannet and the Sooty Tern
Laurie Hutchinson -  Another Reason I Lived So Long 
Margaret Murphy - The Border Guard
December 9, 2016:  A Christmas Carol
Host:  Ann Ronald
Laurie Hutchinson, Margaret Murphy, Noel Lewis-Watts, Sandy Cole, Barbara Smith, Gerry Guiden - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Musician:  Sue Averill - Selected Festive Songs
November 11, 2016:  Peace Tales
Host:  Lee Porteous
Ian Gartshore - The Rabbi's Gift
Laurie Giffen - Joe's Axe
Deborah Goodman - Housekeeping in Shanghai
Noel Lewis-Watts - A Soldier's Love Story
Lee Porteous - The Blind Man Catches a Bird
Musicians:  Mama's Kitchen
October 14, 2016 : It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Host:  Ann Ronald
Marva Blackmore - Ma Yarwood's Wedding Ring
Sandy Cole - Jack and the Haunted House 
Jay Doige - The Widow's Broom
Gerry Guiden - Abi Yoyo
Judy Millar - Snoopy and Me and the King of Burundi
Rachel Muller - Grace and the Banshee
Musician:  Jim Elder
September 9, 2016:  What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Host:  Ann Ronald
Deborah Goodman - How Raven Brought Light to the World
Laurie Hutchinson - The Hole
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - The Skunk River Expedition
Barbara Smith - What Went Wrong?
Sandy Cole - The Wrestling Princess
Musicians:  Marty Howe and the Atkinson Brothers
June 10, 2016 :  Surprise Endings
Host:  Lee Porteous
Chris Aronson - Daisy's Dilemma
Laura Halliday - Shaken and Stirred With a Twist
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - The Broken Promise
Lee Porteous - When Frog Went to Heaven
Rachel Muller - The Cart Thief
Laura Buzzard - Selected Songs
May 13, 2016:  Beyond the Shore
Host:  Lee Porteous
Jay Doige - By Cauldrom Pool
Cindy Shantz - The Joy of Culture Clash
Mary Gavan - The Sea
Gerry Guiden- Aaron Kelly
Deborah Goodman - Needles and Pins
Rob Terstall - Dreaming of Far Away Places
April 8, 2016:  Celtic Tales
Host:  Cindy Shantz
Roxane Strasbourg - Light Up
June Jefferies - Welsh Magic
Barbara Smith- A Celtic Tale
Anneke Bain - Helen's Brownie
Lee Porteous - The Day of the Scholars
Musician:  Karen Sim- Celtic songs
March 11, 2016: Women: Strong, Wise and Fearless
Host:  Ann Ronald
Audrey Lomax - Seascape
Christine Clarke-Johnsen - Savitri
Patricia Boudier - Song To The River
Margaret Murphy- Cougar Annie Sightings
Tanya Horne - Fable
Marva Blackmore - The Chase
February 12, 2016: The Heart Has Its Reasons
Host:  Lee Porteous
Laurie Hutchinson - Together Forever
Barbara Smith - Tam Lim
Sandy Cole- Mother's Lessons
Rachel Muller - The Gift (aka The Laughing Girl)
Cindy Shantz - What's In A Name
Musician:  Sam Connolly
January 8, 2016:  Pirates and Scallywags
Host:  Ann Ronald
Jay Doige - The Twits
Elaine Spira - Brother XII
Lorne Bowles - The Pirates of St. Pierre
Marva Blackmore - The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate
Musician:  Laura Buzzard
December 8, 2015:  Wisdom and Wonder
Host:  Lee Porteous
Lee Porteous - Montreal Aunts
Ian Gartshore - Downwind From Flowers
Rachel Muller - Even You; Especially You
Noel Lewis-Watts - My Christmas Eve
Margaret Murphy - The Journey
Marva Blackmore - The Thief Who Stole Christmas
Musician:  Gerry Guiden
November 13, 2015:  Heroes
Host:  Lee Porteous
Catherine Samson - Sir Percival
Rob Terstall - The Liberation of Holland
Cindy Shantz - Hero?
Mary Gavan - Strange Heroes
Musician:  Eric Harper
October 9, 2015:  Food, Glorious Food
Host:  Lee Porteous
Lee Porteous - Anansi Plays Dead; Old Uncle
Ian Gartshore - Heaven and Hell; Two Brothers
Rachel Muller - Bridget Sullivan
Laurie Hutchinson - Talking Turkey
Barbara Smith - Why The Sea Is Salt
Jennifer Ferris - The Swede
Musician:  Sue Averill
September 11, 2015:  Friends: Furred, Feathered and Otherwise
Host:  Rachel Muller
Rachel Muller - The Ballad of Kentucky
Laurie Peck - Sailor: The Hangashore Newfoundland Dog
Lee Porteous - The Stare of the Cat
Sandy Cole - The Mitten
Jay Doige - Gershon's Monster
Musician:  Tim Harrison
June 12, 2015:  The Last Hurrah!
Hosts:  Ann Ronald and Laurie Hutchison
In Memory of Jack Styne
Cindy Shantz - The Cremation at Cedar Sea
Mary Gavan - Famous Last Words
Catherine Samson - The Last Ha Ha
Dunc Shields - Selected Stories with accompaniment by Barry Hall
May 8, 2015:  How Did That Happen?
Host:  Margaret Murphy
Lee Porteous - The Bottle Imp
Jay Doige - The Tell-Tale Heart
Sandy Cole - Jacinth Wins Words
Audrey Lomax - A Peace River Story
Noel Lewis-Watts - How Did That Happen?
Musician:  Mama's Kitchen
April 17-19, 2015:  Odyssey Epic Weekend
hosted by the Around Town Tellers
19 Storytellers from the US and Canada came to tell the entire
Odyssey by Homer, start to finish.  It was a marvelous and successful
Artistic Director:  Marva Blackmore
Operations Director:  Laurie Hutchison
Ably supported by the Around Town Tellers team.
Event was held at Cavallotti Hall in Nanaimo
Tellers from away were housed at The Painted Turtle Guesthouse.
April 10, 2015:  No One Suspected
Host:  Rachel Muller
Patricia Boudier - Hudden, Dudden and Donald O'Neary
Ian Gartshore - A Father's Words
Angela Standbrook- The Living Quan Yin
Marva Blackmore - Geronimo
Diane Verhiel - Lonesome Dove
Musician:  Penny Sidor
March 13, 2015:  Wish I May, Wish I Might
Host:   Fran Thiessen
Noel Lewis-Watts - Wish I May
Gerry Guiden - Me Ma and Me
Marva Blackmore - An Odyssey Teaser
Barbara Smith -
Margaret Murphy with Joan Wallace and Barry Hall - Peace is the Way

February 13, 2015:  Treasures in the Attic
Host:   Lee Porteous
Jay Doige - Golem
Sandy Cole - Changing Farewell
Carolyn Sullivan - The Landlady
Marva Blackmore - Achilles and Odysseus: Draft Dodgers
Musician:  Chris Ronald - Stories and Songs
January 9, 2015:  The First Time
Host:  Ann Ronald
Ian Symons - The Adventures of Barman Mick
Louise Duncan - All's Well That Ends Well
Judith Bilodeau - Being Millie
Judy Millar - Kissing For Klutzes
Audrey Lomax - My New Identity
Cindy Shantz - Letting Go
December 12, 2014:  Darkness and Light
Host:  Lee Porteous
Ted Girard - The Clown of God
Jay Doige - Hershel and the Hanukah Goblins
Catherine Sheehan - How The Sun Was Rescued
Rachel Muller - The Troll Child Who Wasn't
Ian Gartshore - The Meaning of Life
Musician:  Just 4 Fun - Festive Songs
November 14, 2014:  Stories of Nanaimo . . . And Beyond!
Host:  Cindy Shantz 
Sue McDonald - A Miner's Cottage
Judith Bilodeau - Coal Tyee and Mark Bates
Ron Blank - Nanaimo Memories
Pamela Mar - Lady Franklyn
Marva Blackmore - No Post
Musician:  Penny Sidor
October 10, 2014:  Food and Family: A Feast of Stories 
Host:  Judith Bilodeau 
Miyo Stevens - On Sand Island
Lee Porteous - Wacu and the Eagle
Audrey Lomax - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Diane Verhiel - Food and Family: Memories of A Hobby Farm
Musician:  Joshua Holloway
September 12, 2014:  The Road Not Taken
Host:  Ann Ronald
Jay Doiges - "Untitled 1 and 2"
Victor Murphy - Potato People, Carrot People, Onion People
Laurie Hutchinson - Three Points of View
Margaret Murphy, Barry Hall and Sue Averill - Road Not Taken, Going By Water Instead
Rachel Muller - "The Reluctant Bride"
Sandy Cole - "The Peach Blossom Forest"
June 13, 2014:  Stories Of Home
Host:  Ann Ronald
Jay Doiges - "The Witch's Child"
Laura Halliday - "Just Enough"
Trevor Cooper - "Time Warp"
Rachel Muller - "The Girl Who Spoke With Sparrows"
Sandy Cole - "Taro And His Grandmother"
Musician:  Laura Buzzard
May 9, 2014:  The Lusty Month of May
Host:  Cindy Shantz
Judith Bilodeau - "What The Dragon Didn't Know"
Judy Millar - "Life Lessons"
Gisele Martin - "Clam People" and "Son of Deer"
Patricia Boudier - "Mother Skeena"
Musician:  Sherry Smith
April 11, 2014:  Truths, Lies and Tall Tales
Host: Fran Thiessen
Robert Ferguson - "Untitled"
Wendy Henry - "The War Between The Sandpipers and Whales"
Laurie Hutchinson- "The Airport"
Marva Blackmore - "Phineas Ford's Fabulous Collection"
Sandy Cole - "Nasrudin Goes Shopping"
Judith Bilodeau - "When I Was a D.I."
March 14, 2014:  Monsters and Dragons
Host:  Judith Bilodeau
Jennifer Ferris - "Veiled Truth"
Lee Porteous - "The Tale of the Oki Islands"
Diane Verhiel - "Dragon Soup"
Jay Doige - "Dragon Island"
Barbara Smith - "Oh My Gosh, It's Real!"
February 14, 2014:  What They Don't Tell You About Love
Host:  Lee Porteous
Sandy Cole - "My Side Of The Bed"
Arla Jean Murch - "Luv"
Judith Bilodeau - "An Unusual Love Story"
Gerry Guiden - "Aaron Kelly"
Stephanie Brown - "Underpants, or Lack Thereof"
Musician:  Joshua Holloway
January 10, 2014:  Imagine A World
Host:  Judith Bilodeau
Ted Girard - "Jake and the Kid"
Jay Doige- "Brave Irene"
Cindy Shantz - "Patterns"
Judy Millar - "The Mother of the Bride"
Musician:  Joshua Holloway "Come Home Soon" by Kendall Patrick
Musician:  Laura Buzzard
December 13, 2013A Christmas Show
Host:  Lee Porteous
Noel Lewis-Watt - "My Christmas Eve"
Ann Ronald and Laurie Hutchinson - "A Porcupine in a Pine Tree: 12 Days of Christmas"
Cindy Shantz - Poem
Rachel Muller - "A Victorian Christmas Tale"
Musician:  Eric Harper
November 8, 2013:  Things That Go Bump In The Night
Host:  Cindy Shantz
Jay Doige - Two Poems
Diane Verhiel - "Zombies!"
Marva Blackmore - "The Ghost Ship"
Carolyn Sullivan - "A Candle In The Night"
Rachel Muller - "The Thin Place"
October 26, 2013:  A Special Presentation at the Nanaimo Yacht Club
Moby Dick - A Storytelling Adaptation by Dean Verger
October 11, 2013:  What Are We Thankful For? 
Host:  Lee Porteous
Jay Doige - Roald Dahl's "The Twits"
Judith Bilodeau - "The Ghost Ship"
Denise - "Celtic Tale of the Goddess Brigid"
Open Mic - "What Are We Thankful For?"
September 13, 2013:  Life As An Adventure 
Host:  Sharon Goldston
Lee Porteous - "How Gopher got His Warrior Stripes"
Marva Blackmore - "South of the Border"
Laurie Hutchinson - "Life is an Adventure"
Sandy Cole - "When Wishing Still Helped"
Sharon Goldston - "Deodorant Man"
Musician:  Penny Sidor
June 14, 2013:  A Funny Thing Happened . . .
Host:  Ann Ronald
Judith Bilodeau - "The Ghost of Kennedy House"
Cindy Shantz - "Battle of the Bathing Suit"
Frances Wong - "Birdupmanship"
Ted Girard - "Bridges" - in memory of Kathryn Maurer
Rachel Muller - "Incident at Elk Lake"
Musician:  Dennis Lakusta
May 10, 2013:  It's All In A Day's Work
Host: Cindy Shantz
Noel Lewis-Watts - "Hockey Hall of Fame"
Cindy Shantz - Poem: "Elsie's Diner"
Laurie Peck Hutchinson - "Five Things"
Rachel Muller - "A Piece of the Sky"
Marva Blackmore - "The Twelve Trials of Hercules"
Musicians:  Raymond Gourlay and Rebecca Muller
April 12, 2013:  Beavers, Bears and Bravado: Tales of Canada
Hosts:  Margaret Murphy and Ann Ronald
Judith Bilodeau - "The Housekeeper"
Marva Blackmore - "The Miner's Angel"
Laurie Peck Hutchinson- "The Wrath of Vargas"
Ted Girard - "Stephen Leacock's 'My Financial Career'"
Musician:  Sue Averill
March 8, 2013:  Her-story: Celebrating International Women's Day
Host:  Sharon Easton
David Fisher - "The Trout Sisters"
Brittny Ohs - "Dexter"
Diane Verhiel - "Re-touched By An Angel"
Musician:  Joan Wallace
February 8, 2013:  When I Was a Kid
Host:  Sharon Easton
Laurie Peck Hutchinson - "Forever In-Between"
Susanne Lavander- "First Love"
Lee Porteous - "The Box"
Sandy Cole - "Duck Story"
Hayley Rickaby - "Adventure with the Rickaby's"
Ted Girard - "Stanley G. White, D.D.S."
January 11, 2013:  Stories From The Heart
Host:  Sharon Easton
Arla Jean Murch - "An F Word"
John and Beth Yim - "A Man, A Mountain, A Mistake"
Robert Ferguson - "One Percent of the Fifty Percent of the One Hundred Percent"
Sandy Cole - "The Black Bull of Norroway"
Margaret Murphy - "The Enchanted Castle" by Italo Calvino
December 14, 2012:  'Tis The Season 
Host:  Sharon Easton
Ted Girard - A Jake and the Kid Story
Sandy Cole, Clark Clark, Gerry Guiden, Noel Lewis-Watts, Margaret Murphy, and Laurie Peck - A Christmas Carol
November 9, 2012:  The Great Adventure
Host:  Sharon Easton
David Fisher - Suffer Little Children
Sandy Cole - The Monkey's Heart
Lee Porteous - The Cat
Rachel Muller and Margaret Murphy - The Ramayana
October 12, 2012:  What If?
Host:  Ann Ronald
Beth Yim - Yellow Shorts
Marva Blackmore - Lemon Meringue Pie
Lee Porteous - The Wood Maide
Hazel Lennox - The Crystal Spring
Musicians:  Cross-Canada Fiddle Students
September 14, 2012:  Around the Campfire 
Host:  Ann Ronald
Marva Blackmore - Gold Mounted Guns
Miyo Stevens - The Gift
Margaret Murphy - Two Words
Rachel Muller - Finn McRaith
Musician:  Sue Averill - Song-Along Campfire Songs
June 8, 2012:  Traveling Shoes
Host:  Sharon Goldston
Cindy Shantz:  Rafting the Colorado:  Life is a Daring Adventure, or Nothing! 
Ann Ronald - Grandmother's Story (A Hawaiian Folktale)
Susanne Lavender - Princess Royal - The Voyage of the First Coal Miners to Nanaimo
Margaret Murphy - Traveling Shoes
Musicians:  Bowen Senior Tap Dancers
May 11, 2012:  Grimm and Grimmer
Host:  Sharon Goldston
Laurie Peck - The Goose Girl at the Well
Noel Lewis-Watts - The Sharp Knife
Rachel Muller - The Master Thief
Marva Blackmore - Faithful Johannes
Sandy Cole - Cinderella
April 13, 2012:  Twisted Tales
Host:  Sharon Goldston
Hazel Lennox - Feature Teller
Lee Porteous
Diane Verheil
March 9, 2012:  The Trees are Calling: Stories of the Wildwood
(A fundraising benefit for SEVA)
Host:  Sharon Goldston

Dr. Marty Spencer - Introducing SEVA
Margaret Murphy - The Magic Garden
Sandy Cole - The Miser and His Cherry Tree
Terry Mack - Flute music and a creation myth
Laurie Peck - Get-Away Weekend
Rachel Muller - The Dryad
February 10, 2012:  Only Fools Rush In: The Many Faces of Love
Host:  Sharon Goldston
Marva Blackmore - Meddling at Wal-Mart
Lee Porteous - Farishta-Moh: The Longed-For Lady
Sam Connolly - Making Space
Paul Glassen - A Wedding Story
Judith Heather - Song: Misalliance
Sandy Cole - The Blue Hippopotamus
Musician:  T.G. Muir
January 13, 2012:  A Thousand Welcomes: Irish Stories
Host:  Rachel Muller
Jack Styne - What Makes You Think I'm Irish?
Margaret Murphy - The Call of the Sea
Gerry Guiden - Memories
Feature Teller: Mary Gavan - The Old Sailor, and The Story of Nell
Musician:  Jeremy McDonald
December 9, 2011:  Christmas Past and Present
Host:  Sharon Goldston
Gerry Guiden - Caroling
Sandra Schulte - The Doll
Judith and Richard Heather - Wassailing
Marva Blackmore - Stubby Pringle's Christmas
Rachel Muller - Gran's Gift by Sue Holmes McDonald
Sandy Cole - Twas the Night Before Christmas
Noel Lewis-Watts - As Santa
November 11, 2011:  Imagine Peace
Lee Porteous - Godmother Death
Ann Ronald and Gerry Guiden - John Lennon's "Imagine"
Diane Verhiel - Shining Armour
Margaret Murphy with Musical Guests Joan Wallace and Barry Hall - The Story of Muriel Duckworth
October 14, 2011:  Behind the Mask
Rachel Muller - The Stone Child
Sandy Cole - Behind the Mask: A Canadian's Story
Laurie Peck - Lizzy: A Woman of Resilience
Marva Blackmore - The Legend of Charley Parkhurst
Jack Styne - Getting Older
Musician:  Penny Sidor - Songs from "Not One Mile"
September 9, 2011:  Hoodoos and Wheatfields: Prairie Stories
Marva Blackmore - The Indians Called Her Ningah:  Marie-Anne Lagimodiere
Ted Girard - Elbow Room (A Jake and the Kid Story)
Rachel Muller - The Stone
Noel Lewis-Watts - The Train
Musician:  Joan Wallace
June 10, 2011:  Modern Telling of Classic Tales
Host: Sharon Goldston
Sandy Cole - The True Story of the Three Pigs
Diane Verhiel - Rindercella
Rachel Muller - The Pied Piper of Nanaimo
Ted Girard and Margaret Murphy
Diane Berthchilde - Tales From Da nte's Inferno
Musician:  Laura Buzzard
May 13, 2011: Journey of the Heart
Laurie Peck - The Power of a Simple Hug
Beth Hardry-Yim  - The Legacy of a Story
Featured Teller:
Marva Blackmore -  Sky Burial
April 8, 2011:  Could Be True
Sandy Cole - Wedding Dress $7.50
Richard Brind - The Eddystone Light and The Flying Cloud
Ted Girard - Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Cindy Shantz - The Hengbokhan Haru Hotel
Rachel Muller - The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
March 18, 2011:  Celebrating World Storytelling Day 
Quenching Your Thirst for Story:  Water Tales from Around the World
Margaret Murphy
Laurie Peck
Diane Verhiel
Rachel Muller - A Tale of Two Women
Noel Lewis-Watts
Special Musical Guest: SHINE!
February 11, 2011:  Out of Africa
Sandy Cole - What the Squirrel Saw  from Tales from Africa by K. Arnott
Ann Roland - The Slave's Story
Gerry Guiden - An African Folktale
Rachel Muller - The Cure For A Broken Heart
Shalema Gantt - A Southern Childhood
Jack Styles - A Folktale
Musician:  Laura Buzzard
January 14, 2011:  It's Tough Being a God/Goddess
Diane Verhiel -
Marva Blackmore - Pandora
Margaret Murphy -
Featured Teller: Jean Pierre Makosso
Dec 10, 2010:  Stories of the Season- “A Christmas Carol”
Hosts: Sharon Goldston & Noel Lewis-Watts
Marva Blackmore - Six Days Before Christmas
Rachel Muller - Christmas CeasefireNoel Lewis-Watts - Introduction to A Christmas Carol
Margaret Murphy - Stave One
Gerry Guiden - Stave Two
Laurie Peck - Stave Three
Clark Squared - Stave Four
Sandy Cole - Stave Five
Musician:  Laura Buzzard
Nov 12, 2010:  Stories of the Prairies
Clark Squared - If You're Not From the Prairie
Marva Blackmore - The Perfect Summer
Rachel Muller - Prairie Bride
Laurie Peck - Some Tuesday
Ted Girard - Two Different Kinds of Sinners
Musician:  Penny Sidor
Oct 8, 2010:  Ghost Stories: “Things that Go Bump in the Night”
Clark Squared -Tell-Tale Heart
Marva Blackmore - The Boo Hag
Rachel Muller - The Wild Woman of the Woods
Diane Verhiel  - Ti-Flor and the Devil
Sept 10, 2010:  You Won’t Read this in the History Books
Host: Sharon Goldston & Noel Lewis-Watts
Mavra Blackmore  - The Laundryman Who Overthrew the Qing Dynasty 
Sandy Cole - Jack's Story 
Rachel Muller. - Margaret Sullivan
Sue Holmes MacDonald - Nanaimo Miner's Home
Jack Styles - TBA
Darlene Patrick - Antwerp Diamond Heist
Robert Johnson - Ladysmith's Name
June 11, 2010:  One Myth, One Glove, One Legend - Tales Wide Open
Hosts: Sharon Goldston & Noel Lewis-Watts
Sandy Cole  - The Mitten
Clark Squared - Bartholomew and the Oobleck
Andrea Styve -
Anna Atkinson - Entwined
Diane Verhiel - The Leaf
May 14, 2010:  Emily Carr's The Book of Small
Host: Noel Lewis-Watts
Laurie Peck -
Featured Teller: Melanie Ray... The Book of Small
April 9, 2010:  Happy Tales to You - Barn Yarns of the Wild West
Margaret Murphy -
Clark Squared - Little House on the Prairie
Sandy Cole - The Boy Who Would Be Peanut
Diane Verhiel -
Marva Blackmore -The Blood Bay
Musicians: Dos Amigos - Noel Lewis-Watts & Jeff
Host: Sharon Goldston & Jack Styles
March 12, 2010:  History of the Blues 
Hosts: Sharon Goldston & Jack Styles
Gerry Guiden - Devil in the Pouch
Jack Styles - An Island Woman
Joan Wallace and Barry Hall ... History of the Blues
February 12, 2010:  Beautiful Losers
Hosts: Sharon Goldston and Jack Styles
Sandy Cole - Jasmine Winds Words
Jack Styles - An Island Woman
Andre Begin - The Man from Eldorado 
Clark Squared. - Improv stories with Tyler Ray Sauve
Mary Holland -
January 8, 2010:  Stories of Childbirth and Other Beginnings
Hosts: Sharon Goldston and Jack Styles
Andre Begin - Birth of My Daughter
Diane Verhiel - Miracles and Vision Boards
Margaret Murphy - The Herstory of ATT
Laurie Peck - Swimming Desnudo
Margaret Murphy 
    & Clark Squared - Improv Story a la Ping-Pong
December 11, 2009: Spinning A Yarn - Homemade
Hosts: Sharon Goldston and Jack Styles
Ted Girard - from Jake and the Kid
Laurie Peck - TBA
Clark Squared - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Sandy Cole - The Elderly Inuit Woman and the Lesson Learned
Musician:  Laura Buzzard
November 13, 2009:  The Bells of November Remember - Tell Me A Song
Hosts: Bev and Sandy Cole
Noel Lewis-Watts - A Soldier's Love Story
Clark Squared -  Alice's Restaurant
Diane Verhiel - Lonesome Dove
Anna Atkinson - Ballads
Musicians:  Dennis Lakusta & Guest
October 9, 2009:  Thank the Devil - Ghosts and Gratitude
Host: Bev Cole
Sandy Cole - Paper Bag Princess
Clark Squared - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Peter Reid - Humorous Anecdote
Tribula -  Songs of Drums
Ted Girard - The Devil's Noodles























































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